Minimum requirements?

I’d like to put Scrivener on a laptop that is separate from my work computer and hopefully, use it exclusively for Scrivener and the great novels I’m going to write with it. (humour intended)

There are lots of inexpensive machines out there for sale today (Black Friday in the U.S.) - including Chromebooks and other kinds of tablet-type machines.

What’re the minimal requirements I should keep in mind while shopping for such a machine – RAM, HDD, CPU quality and speed? Also, do you think Scrivener will work just as well with a mechanical HDD running at 5400 RPM as with an SSD?


Scrivener does not have a chrome or android version of the program. You pretty much need Windows or Mac or iOS.

Nothing will run as well on a spinning drive as an SSD. Also, a spinning drive will not be as reliable.

Scrivener does not require a lot, but what you do might require a lot. If your projects include pictures, video, lots of links, consist of thousands or 10s of thousands of pages, then the computer that handles that must be equipped to handle it. Larger projects require more power than smaller projects.

You may find you write more if you have a machine that is enjoyable to use, rather than one which is a bare minimum cheap system.