Minimum screen resolution


My friend is giving me her old netbook with a Windows XP installed in it.
I would love to buy the Windows version of Scrivener for it and use it as my mobile writing device, but the thing has only 1024 x 600 screen, and the minimum size for Scrivener seems to be 1064 x 786, according to requirements.
So, will I be able to make Scrivener run on it?

Yes, you should be fine. My netbook has XP and Scrivener runs fine. The only issue is that when you have the Inspector open you won’t be able to see the bottom of the application window if I’m remembering correctly.

Actually I think the Inspector problem has been fixed at this point. You should be totally fine with 600 vertical pixels. On my netbook, which has that limitation, there are only two spots that I know of where it is an issue. One is incredibly minor: the readme file you can look at after installing. The other is a settings window (I don’t recall which) that will have its confirmation buttons behind the task bar. So that can be resolved by auto-hiding the task bar or just using Esc/Enter to access the cancel/okay buttons.