Minimum specs for used Mac laptop

What are the minimum specs for a 11 inch used Mac laptop I can take on road so I can run and synch with Scrivener, NV Alt, and Safari?


I have one of the original batch of 11" MacBook Air laptops, and it runs all of these just fine.

Thanks Amber but I’ m thinking more in terms of affordable (free-lance classical music writers don’t make a ton of money) so an older Mac even - or would I be better off getting a new PC and running the Windows version?

Oh, I don’t think there are any 11" laptops prior to the MBA (maybe something really old from the '90s). I’d look into getting an older Intel MacBook, one of the 13" white or black plastic models. Those are great workhorses, I still see people using them today. They are a bit on the large size, compared with most people’s modern tastes, but they are rugged, light and the late 2009 models can run the latest OS and software.

13" is what I meant -= thanks - funny thing is I’ve used a Chromebook on similar trips in the past but not having the familiar software environment plus not having Scrivener is a problem

Ioa, Please correct if you have other data that is contradictory…

Get any intel based mac. It will run scrivener.

the only “advantage” to newer HW is 64bit. AKA newer OS and more RAM (neither of which really come into play with scriv).

Scrivener still runs just fine on PPC, so in theory it could still work fine on an even older Mac than the early Intel ones, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll be stuck on an old operating system, and with many programs, using older versions that will never be updated. I think there are some older Intel computers that cannot run 10.9, but running 10.8 is perfectly fine, .9 added very little.

all the gen1 intel. Anything on a core duo or older. I have one. 12 years old. works perfectly for everything I do.

I would avoid PPC for the same reasons you list. i think a 32b gen1 should be pretty inexpensive…

I really appreciate your quick responses. It’s this sense of community which has made Scrivener what it is.