Minor Bug: New Folders

This may be as designed, but seems odd to me. Whenever I want to create a new sub document I click on the item in the binder I want the document to be under. For example, for a top level document under Manuscript I select the manuscript, then click the big green + (alternatively, I right-click Manuscript and select Add New Document).

This doesn’t work right with folders. If I do the same thing, select Manuscript, click arrow on big green + to be able to select New Folder, the new folder goes at the same level as the Manuscript, whereas comparing to the workflow for creating a new document I would have expected it to create a new folder under Manuscript, which is what I am doing much more often. The behavior is the same, believe, if I right-click Manuscript and choose Add New Folder.

Therefore, whenever I’m creating new folders (which I do all the time for new chapters) I have to create the new folder, then move the new folder down a level where I want it (or counter-intuitively, select a folder at the same level and choose to add new folder).

I have the same issue, and it’s not just with the folder but “new text” too. I agree with Dretzle that it’s a bit counter-intuitive.

I’d actually love it if there were (e.g. in the outline mode) some way to better deal with the hierarchy of subdocuments, e.g. to promote or demote (wrong words, but they work) sections of larger documents more easily. I’m still deciding on the relationship of subsections to sections and vice versa, and it’s a bit of a hassle playing around with it.

I agree that this isn’t always as intuitive as it could be. And while clicking on Manuscript and then telling it to get a folder works differently than a document does (as it, you get the same level folder, not a child folder), this is in fact the ONLY way to get a max level folder without creating a folder then moving it.

I think it would be nice to have a way to “Add folder at this level” and a “Add folder as child” both as options.


Granted, though with about 4 or 5 max level folders that I create at new project time (if not there already by my template) and possibly 30+ second level folders as chapters in my book, I’d argue that I use the creating of second level folders much more often than a max level folder, so I’d rather create and move max level folders than vice versa.