minor bug on opening

For some reason every day my Mac seems to think Scrivener is a new application, despite my having used it before. Every time I open the program for the first time in a day, I get a prompt warning me that this is an application downloaded from the internet and asking if I definitely want to open it. I’m getting the same results on both laptops in my household.

Anybody else seen this?

Macbook Pro, OSX Sierra, Scrivener 2.8.1
Macbook Air, OSX El Capitan


In the Security pane of your System Preferences, do you have “Allow apps downloaded from:” checked to Mac App Store? If you didn’t get Scrivener from the App Store you would probably get that prompt.

Ok, I’ll check that, thanks!

Update: I just had this happen to me again, after confirming that my security preferences allowed apps from other developers. Everything was completely normal yesterday and I haven’t installed any updates or made any system changes.

It’s nothing more than a minor annoyance, but I still wish I knew how to solve it. Any more ideas very appreciated!

Hmm. You’re obviously using a post-Mavericks OS (I’m not) - I have a third option “Anywhere” which I have ticked.

  1. Where did you get Scrivener from?
  2. Which OS are you using?
  3. Does this happen with any other app which didn’t come from the Mac App Store?
  1. I got Scrivener through literatureandlatte.com (not the App Store);
  2. I’m on OS Sierra; and [so far, at least]
  3. this is the only app I’ve had this with.

I had the same thing happen fairly regularly on my previous laptop, which was running El Capitan. I did a fresh install on this laptop but I did transfer my current project and usually open Scrivener directly into that project, so I wonder if I brought along the bug that way. It definitely seems like my OS isn’t recognizing Scrivener as a familiar, approved app – but even that is inconsistent (today my project opened normally). I was hoping someone else had a similar experience, but maybe it’s just me . . .

(Thanks for your help.)