minor bug: scrivener links lets you link to items in trash

I was playing around in the menus, seeing what the options are, and I noticed that scrivener links allows you to create a link to a document in the trash.

Now I know some people store things in the trash (I’ve encountered that more than a few times) but it probably shouldn’t be encouraged…

On a related note, how do I delete a scrivener link?

I don’t really think this is a bug, and I’m going to leave it as it is - here’s why: Scrivener links work no matter where you move a document, until you delete the document linked to. So you could link to a document and then move it to the trash, and the link would still work. So given that links work to documents that have been moved to the trash, I see no reason not to allow links to documents already there.

In other words, rather than restrict this, I think I’ll leave this one up to the user. :slight_smile: