minor but imortant :-): binder shortcut doesn´t work


I guess I might be singularly affected as it would seem this should have been reported already otherwise: but here on my machine the strg+alt+b shortcut doesn´t show/hide the binder…

the functions works if it is called from the menu, though.

while I can´t believe this bug – if it is one – is not yet reported, it is also true, that there is no other shortcut interferring at my keyboard, and all the others work…

… so it has this strange idiosyncratic behavior bugs sometimes cultivate… or I am just missing something…

… would be great if I could be redeemed from this small, but very handcapping, annoyance…

– thanks already to the community.


Does the menu option work via View > Layout > Show/Hide Binder? This is almost certainly an idiosyncracy with your system rather than a Scrivener bug, I am afraid to say, simply because the way keyboard shortcuts are assigned to menu items are all handled by the OS and not internally by Scrivener…
All the best,

Keith, thanks for considering and sorry for wrong alert. – you are right, and I also was suspicious… now I found that another deactivated shortcut assign persisted, though I had deactivated it, and it wouldn´t be called up (which made me consider it a bug.,.)

so, at least your feedback made me find the (my) system´s mistake.

so thanks and sorry to literature and latte :slight_smile:.


No problem - glad you found the issue and sorted it. :slight_smile:


here is another problem: Randomly, the cmd-opt-N shortcut for new groups does not work while the cmd-N shortcut for new documents works.

I was trying to find out about the circumstances when it does work and when not, but I cannot detect any.


The same applies: this is not a Scrivener problem, but an issue with your system.