Minor consistency fault

I put this in wish instead of bug, because it might be a matter of opinion.

When navigation preferences have been set to be fully manual, there is a slight consistency fault when selecting multiple documents. The multiple selection Corkboard automatically appears, which is marvellous, but when clicking on a single document in the Binder, it does not similarly automatically leave Corkboard mode. Given that the creation of the multiple selection Corkboard is not subject to navigation preferences (a good thing), should not also its destruction be beyond them?

I still think it should just how a single card on the corkboard…but let’s not go there. :astonished:

…and I still think it should show the selected document in the context of its siblings, but we shan’t go there either! :wink:

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean (and I am completely ignoring the two follow up posts, which are not going to happen :slight_smile: ), could you please clarify?


With the navigation preferences set to automatically select a view mode based on content disabled (fully manual Corkboard/Outliner switching), and Corkboard and Outliner mode switched off in the editor, select a range of documents.

The expected behaviour is a temporary Corkboard displaying the selected items from the Binder. This happens just fine. Not a problem. However, it establishes an interface precedent in that, even though your preferences state manual control, a Corkboard is created automatically. As I’ve already state, I think this is a fine and desirable outcome.

The problem arises when you click off of the multiple selection, and re-select an item in the Binder. If preferences are set to manual switching, in a way it makes sense to do nothing to restore the editor, but in a bigger way (in my opinion of course) it does not make sense because the creation of the temporary Corkboard was an event that is not controlled by preferences. Since it is a super-preference event, it should be dismissed super-preferentially.

Things work okay if you have the preference enabled to automatically return to the editor interface when a document is selected, however this inconsistency is further revealed when automatic navigation preferences are applied like so:

[X] Automatically switch back to editor mode…
[X] Excepting folders
When in editor mode, open folders as:
(x) Outliner

In this case, the user has selected that they prefer to view folders as outlines, however when clicking out of a multiple selection into a folder item, the interface retains the Corkboard view until you click on a document to reset back to editor, and then back on the folder to view as an outline.

So in summary: The multiple selection tool, being an automatic function which operates a defined way despite whatever navigation settings are in effect, should then not over-ride the preferred behaviour once the conditions of its creation have expired (the user clicks on a single Binder item). It should dismiss itself and depending on preferences, either revert to the prior viewing mode (in the case of manual selection), or the viewing rules as defined in the navigation preferences.

Whew, hope that makes more sense.

P.S. Those two follow-up posts do not exist.

I didn’t understand any of the follow-up posts.

Actually I didn’t understand the initial post.

Why? When is a version of Scrivener going to be released which solves my incomprehension problems? THIS IS YOUR FAULT, BLOUNT. So FIX IT.

Well, to explain mine at least.
Don’t you find it profoundly weird, nay shocking, heck just plain wrong that it’s impossible to select a single document in the binder and have its card displayed on the corkboard?
Well Keith doesn’t. He’s afraid it’ll confuse the poor little dears.
Of course I’d trade this request for Scrivener Links in the note field or the option to use the friggin return key inside a corkboard card any day.

Oops, I went there.

Posts like this are why it was once suggested (by me apparently) that the Forum be rebaptized Nag and Wine :slight_smile:


Amber has a point about how corkboard is left on when it wasn’t your choice (I understand now) and I have added it to the list. Eiron, meanwhile, has no point. :slight_smile: Or rather, no, it is not shocking. Selecting a single item, um, shows the document. So there.

Bywater: yes, all right, I take full responsibility. :slight_smile: