Minor: copy style missing

I see an icon for ‘Copy Style’ is available for the toolbar but cannot find this in the menus. Am I missing something here? It seems to me that all toolbar items should have a menu equivalent.

In a related issue, I do like and use the styles and formatting options in Scriv but could live without them. In the year or so that I have been using S and SG, I have increasingly enjoyed the diff between Scriv and a word processing, typesetting, formatting application.


Thanks, Maria, you are right (of course) though this does raise an issue that others have mentioned—and may be worth a rethink, Keith. This location for copy/paste itemsto me is quite non-intuitive, especially with other copy/past items in the edit menu. I know, I know, it just takes some getting used to, like the screen toggles between corkboard, outliner and edit modes, but these are the sorts of frustrations that will undoubtedly turn some people away from this otherwise excellent app before they have figured out the apparently non-intuitive behaviour. I see that TextEdit uses the same menu items so I guess that Keth might be constrained to this format.

You pegged it in the last sentence. These four commands which allow the transference of style and ruler settings are, in Cocoa applications, always located where you see them. Generally the only difference is what shortcut they use.

Yes, exactly. It is not so much that I am constrained - I could choose to move them if I so wished. The trouble is that there are a large number of users who make good use of TextEdit (I use it a lot myself), and it is actually Apple’s showcase application for their text system. I therefore choose to stay consistent with it, so that anybody who uses TextEdit can find everything in the same place in Scrivener. It’s a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation. If I leave it as it is, I am told that it is not intuitive (and I don’t disagree, but I bow to Apple on things like this); if I move it, I am told that I am flouncing Apple’s HIG or such. I generally thing it is best to stay consistent with Apple’s choices for these things wherever possible.

Hope that makes sense.

All the best,

Yes, makes perfect sense and I do agree with your approach on this. Certainly the final manual/tutorial can point out that sort of thing so that new users will know where things are and learn to explore the options. I should have known to look in that menu but I have this old mindset—from using Word too much’:?'—that makes me want to look in the edit menu for anything about copying and pasting. I had been using the icon in the tool bar but accidentally deleted it and thought I might just use the menu instead, then was dismayed when it was not where I thought it should be. Keep up the great work.