Minor Corkboard issue


Small contribution.

I click on my DRAFT document.
Nothing happens until I click the CORKBOARD icon to switch out.
Then I can click on my DRAFT document and it opens.

It would help if you could just click on the contents of the BINDER column files and they would dismiss CORKBOARD and open.

It is counterintuitive to click on a file and it appears for all the world to be empty. I ALMOST trashed what I thought was an unresponsive file, but remembered the gist of the conversation yesterday before we all got too tired to think.

Argh! AmberV posted exactly the same issue on the Feedback forum, in the thread that you posted to. Please check out my new reply there (I just spent ages typing it) and reply to that thread to let me know what you think.

Mea Culpa, I really thought I was keeping up. I live in Australia, so we are 12 hours apart.

I was thinking Bug - right that goes in the bug postings.

Sorry Keith,

You sound beleaguered - but we are just trying to help.

What about a board just for the Betas and nothing else - everything in the one place, bugs, feedback, the lot. Would that make it easier for you.

Hi. I’m only beleaguered because on top of trying to deal with the beta, myself and my partner have been ill for a couple of days, we’ve been settling the kids into nursery and the whole of one of the walls of the block in which our flat is - the wall against which the kids sleep - has a whole team of builders outside it drilling and hammering the bejesus out of it as they replace the rendering. This has been going on all day every day for days. So yes, beleaguered I am, and I apologise if I seem snappy because of it - I do very much appreciate all feedback and am very happy that people care enough to take the time to post.

Anyway, to the issue at hand: I have been thinking about this and I may change it so that corkboard and outliner modes are only enabled if a document has children, unless it is a folder, of course. Would that make more sense? I need to think about it more, though, so no promises. :slight_smile:

So what’s the problem? :slight_smile: Geez, just ONE of those things you listed would make me a bit testy! The noise alone would make me more than testy—I’d go nuts!!