Minor - Indents don't work after a bullet list.

Hi all, first time Scrivenerrerer, long time listener.

Problem: When I create a bullet list, it works fine. When I “return out” (two enters) past the end of the list (disabling bullets), the normal indenting for the following paragraphs disappears entirely.

My current work around is to highlight another paragraph above the bullets, copy and paste that after the bullets - highlight the pasted text and continue writing.

Is there a hotkey or an easy combination to reset the current paragraph to document default indenting/fonts/everything?

To reproduce:

  • Use a new, standard, black template. Start writing in document view.
  • Write a paragraph or two
  • Click bullets, create 4-5 bullet point items
  • Hit enter TWICE to exit out of the bullet list (start a new paragraph)

The default indent has vanished.


Welcome to the forums and Scrivener!

What you are describing is just how a basic rich text editor works (you might be more familiar with a stylesheet based word processor), where if you change the formatting as you type, that formatting will continue to stick until you change it again. When you change into a list environment, that adjusts the ruler settings and there is no way to calculate what they should return to (the paragraph directly proceeding the list may not be indicative of body formatting).

There are two approaches you can take:

  • Before starting a list, press Enter past where the list will go, so twice in most cases, then use the up arrow button to insert the list into the first empty line. When you’re done with the list, down arrow (instead of double-enter) to return to normal formatting, which will be stored into the line you created initially by pressing Enter twice. This technique works with all kinds of non-standard formatting, so it’s a useful habit to acquire. We’re inserting non-standard formatting into a block of text that is already formatted, rather than always changing the “tail” as we write.

  • Assign your standard formatting characteristics to a Formatting Preset, and then give that a keyboard shortcut. This is the technique I use, myself. I have Ctrl-B set up to invoke the “Body” preset I created from my normal typing style. Whenever I’m on a paragraph that needs to return to “default”, I just hit Ctrl-B and move on.
    Formatting Presets are documented in §15.3.4 (pg. 209–11) of the user manual PDF.