MINOR: Index card contents only saved after losing focus

I’m currently outlining The Novel and found the following issue.

  • Add a new item to the binder (text or folder, it doesn’t matter)
  • Switch to the corkboard view
  • Enter text into the index card of the new binder item
  • LEAVE the cursor in the index card, i.e. don’t click somewhere else nor press tab.
  • Close the project by pressing Command-W (DON’T use the mouse to click on the upper left red button)
  • Re-open the project
  • The text you just entered into the index card is gone

So I guess the underlying Cocoa model will only be notified of index card changes when the index card has lost focus. I’m aware that the above scenario might not be very common (probably because a lot of people use the mouse to close the project). But if there’s any chance to fix this it would be great. What about forcing the index card contents to be “flushed” when the project is closed?

I’m afraid this isn’t really a bug - you’ll find it in a lot of Cocoa apps. The corkboard works the same as table views and outline views, in that the contents of a card is only committed when editing ends. Thus, if you close the app before ending editing properly, it never gets committed and saved. Try doing the same with the outliner or binder, for instance - you’ll find that exactly the same thing happens.