Minor placeholder tags bug

I have found a bug in Scrivener’s processing of auto-number placeholder tags.

My manuscript has 13 chapters. I divide most, but not all, of my chapters into sections. I am using placeholder tags to auto-number my chapters and sections as follows.

At the beginning of each chapter, I include the following text:

Then, at the beginning of every subdocument in each chapter, I include the following text:

This setup was working correctly for Chapters 1-8. In chapter 9, however, Scrivener was rendering all of my section numbers as “9.1” instead of “9.1”, “9.2”, “9.3”, and so on.

I noticed that my Chapters 5-8 contain no auto-numbered sections, yet I had included the <$rst_section> placeholder tag after each chapter title. When I removed these seemingly ineffectual tags, Scrivener rendered my section numbers in Chapter 9 correctly.

I expected extra instances of <$rst_KEYWORD> to have no effect.