Minor problem with compiler versus Word

I’m still in the trial phase of Scrivener (I love it so far) :smiley:
To test it properly, I started a whole novel project with it, with notes, and idea brainstorming, mixed with final writing and all.

In my work, I have to bring the final version on Word (I have version 2010, with Windows 7). In Scrivener, I checkmarked the “Include in Compile” and “compile as-is” (to keep the font and setting that I put on the final writing text).

In Word though, what was in italic is now underlined.
Also, with the option of “automatically change some characters for other” (ex: – becomes — or “X” becomes « X »); these are lost in the compiler!

I was wondering if this is a bug, or perhaps I’m doing something wrong? :confused:
Do I have to reformat these in Word once complied?

Thank you :slight_smile:

In the compile window, look at the Transformations tab (if you don’t see that section, click on the button with the blue arrow on the right side of the window). All of the things you mentioned can be changed there.

Wow, thank you, that was really helpful ! :smiley: :mrgreen:
I should have seen this! :angry: :unamused:

There’s a lot to see in Scrivener. In fact, you might want to re-consider the “compile as-is” settings. You don’t get automatic chapter numbering & titling from document names. Plus, if you ever accidentally set the fonts differently anywhere in your project, you may not notice until it’s too late to do anything about it. Since Scrivener’s compile settings let you change the fonts of titles & body text on output, you can guarantee that everything comes out uniformly by letting Scrivener do it’s thing.

Not that the way you want to use it is bad or anything, but I consider that part of the compile process to be an essential check against my inevitable font screw-ups. The added bonus is that you can change your mind, and with just a couple of settings, all the fonts in your project will change on the output without touching the original text.