Minor question: scrivener icons in finder

I really like the Scrivener icon with the blue vertical bar on the left, but quite a few of my projects have different icons. The usual methods for changing icons (see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=23606&start=0&hilit=scrivener+icons+in+finder) don’t seem to work as there seems to be an underlying icon visible in the “Get Info” page. I’m curious about what changes the icon and how to change it myself if that’s possible. One reason that I’m puzzled is that a file created this month has what I think is an old icon (white, with a centered Scrivener insignia], while a three-year-old project has the icon with the blue bar.


Okay, there is a default icon which is used in List and Column views in Finder, and that is what you see at the top of the Get Info palette. What you are referring to with the blue stripe (or no) is actually the preview, which is dynamically generated whenever you close the project. If you look at the “Preview” section in Get Info, you’ll note you can read the first few section titles from the Draft. Whether or not you see that version in the Icon browser view depends on if the “Show icon preview” option is selected in the view settings for that folder. This is on by default for Icon view, and off for everything else.

As for the blue stripe being there are not, I thought that was just a matter of old vs. new as well. I’m not sure why you’re seeing things the other way around in some cases. Does the blue strip return if you open the project, make some minor change and then close it?

Yes, I tried making small changes, to no good effect. However, coincidentally, the project with the “old” icon is also the first project that I’ve ever put into Drop Box to share between my iMac and my Air. The project originated on the iMac, but something seemed wrong with the project when I opened it in the Air. First, I got a message that the iMac project was opened, which seemed odd because I was certain that I closed it last night. I let Scrivener make a copy of the file to avoid conflicts. However, not all the recent content input at the iMac showed up on the Air. After reading more here on the forum about using Dropbox, I checked the website and found that I did have conflicted files showing up there. Furthermore, they were odd–dated 2008, but referring to a person I only met in 2012. I erased three files showing up (including one involved with bindings).

In a sense, it seems that the ‘old icon’ was diagnostic of something not quite right with the project. I believe that this project was originally one started in 2008, and it had quite a bit of still useful material. I likely trashed and deleted a lot of material, reorganized retained material, and then added new material. I’m uncertain about the next step. It seems that the iMac and Air have two slightly different folders. And when I open Scrivener on the Air (iMac is shut down, closed), the Tutorial pops up instantly. It’s almost as if Scrivener knows I’m in trouble!

It could be the system clock is messed up on one of your computers. That could adversely impact Dropbox in general. I’m not sure if it depends entirely upon the modification date as set by the OS or not, but if it does, having one computer set to 2008 would confuse it greatly.

Well, that’s probably just the option in the General preference pane that will attempt to reload any projects you had open the last time you closed the software. That is something specific to each computer.

Like I say, I’m not sure what the deal is with the blue stripe. Before answering you before, I did hunt down an old project that I haven’t touched in years. It had the plain white preview, so I opened it, added a letter and then deleted it, then closed the project. It came up with a blue stripe once closed. But, since this is something dynamically generated, if the two Macs are on different versions of Scrivener, that could explain why the icons keep changing.

Keith is out for the day, so I can’t verify this. I’ve always just used the generic icons rather than the previews, so it’s not something I’ve had enough experience with to know how it should be working. I get blue stripes on all of my new projects, and any older projects I’ve edited with the 2.5 version, that’s all I can determine for the moment. :slight_smile:

Here is a help page for using Dropbox with Scrivener. Following the four guidelines in the middle of that document is crucial to avoiding conflicts like you are describing. You just have to keep in mind that using Dropbox to transfer a project is a super slow way of doing it, and it doesn’t present a progress bar or anything like Finder would, so it’s really easy to accidentally interrupt the copy procedure by shutting down the computer too quickly, or inversely, starting to work on a machine before it gets a chance to copy the latest version of the project off of the Internet.

I was hopeful about the system clock as I recently returned from an Australia trip with the Air, but that seemed not to be the case. In any event, although the mystery of the lost blue stripe remains, I created a new project folder and dragged the contents of my Draft and Research folders over. I renamed the old one, took it out of Scrivener, and left it at the bottom of my Documents folder. That cut about 15MB from my project and left it with a new, clean shiny look, including a Finder icon with a vertical blue strip. Aside from finishing the book, what’s left to want?

Many thanks for working through this with me, and for sending the link to the very complete guide to handling Scrivener in Dropbox.