Minor (re)drawing bug, changing background colour

I have a rather wide Scapple board. It’s so wide, it doesn’t fit the screen in fullscreen mode. When I change the background colour, then scroll sideways to get the rest of the board into view, it initially appears with the old background colour. It switches to the correct colour as soon as I change something in that area, e.g. creating a new note.

So, really just a redraw issue. Thought I’d mention it nonetheless :slight_smile:

macOS 10.14.3 on a 12" MacBook, if that matters. In fullscreen mode, as mentioned. And I hid the Footer Bar.

Thanks! This looks pretty easy to reproduce, I’ve got it happening on my system even without Full Screen, just in a small window that has a board larger than the window.

Until we get it fixed, you can force the background to redraw by hovering the mouse pointer over any note.