Minor search quible...

There is one minor adjustment to searches that could make it easier to use. Once you’ve searched for a word or phrase, and then pulled up one or a number of documents, it would be great if you could step through the found text, highlight by highlight, document by document; rather than having to scroll through each document one after the other.

Keith, isn’t great being a one-person shop and having this gaggle of users nattering at you about every little thing. The only thing I think of as being worse… is not having us at all. :wink:

For 1.x, the intention is that you use the regular Find panel (cmd-F) for per-document searches (which works with text, PDF and web documents). In other words, you should use the Find panel in conjunction with the search field. Anything else is not a “minor adjustment”, but would require a complete overhaul of the search system to provide a full project-search-and-step-though. Which would be nice - for 2.0. :slight_smile:

For now, an easy way to do this is to simply select all of the matched documents in the search results, and Edit Scrivenings to view them all at once. When you come across the first highlight, select it and press Cmd-E. This automatically loads it into the search memory, and from that point onward you can just press Cmd-G to find the next; and Cmd-Shift-G to go back.

Amber, great idea! This works well to find specific text.

However, it does bring up another frustration that occurs as my draft in Scrivener gets more complex.

The way I work is to break each chapter down into many scenes and sub-scenes - which Scrivener implements so fabulously well - until I have so many documents that my understanding of their names alone gets lost in the sheer complexity of the book. My brain works visually, and I use the geographic layout of the binder for important clues to understanding where I am in the book, the plot, the mood, even character development.

So this is my request for 2.0:

1.	If would be great to have a switch allowing the documents found in a search to be represented as they are now as a collected group; but alternately to have the found documents to be simply highlighted document icons WITHIN the full representation of the draft in the binder. 
2.	Similarly, when working on a Scrivening, your current document (each alternately shaded section of text) could have its icon highlighted within the Binder as a whole.
3.	And ditto for when working on a single document (and I know this has been touched on before), it’s icon always highlighted in the Binder.

…and then, for 8.0, offering another complete mode to represent the Draft as a graphic “mind map;â€