Minor spell-check issue

Ok, simple issue, but the word: “gauge” is being marked as misspelled.

I actually don’t think this is a spell-check issue, but more of a dictionary issue. I’ve come across similar issues in Microsoft Word. The dictionaries they use for programs like this aren’t perfect, and sometimes they will either have the wrong spelling, suggest really weird words that don’t actually exist, or just not have proper entries for words like gauge. That’s my assumption, at least (I’m not a pro with computers but I’ve run into such things before and am assuming that this is similar). It’s not an issue with Scrivener, anyway, that much I’m sure of.

That’s an interesting point! I’m wondering if the Scrivener folks are looking into other possible dictionaries to use so words like “gauge” are covered, though. I have to be honest…gauge is a common enough word that you’d probably want it to be included. :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, I started my dictionary/spellcheck search in the forum because of that word as well!

Thanks for the insight.


The Aspell dictionaries, like, sadly, most digital dictionaries available, do occasionally leave something to be desired. :wink: Apparently the US dictionary only likes “gage”–down with those extra u’s, I guess?

For the time being, just add the word to your personal list and you’ll stop getting it marked as incorrect.

OK I can add “towards” and “backwards” to the list of missed common words.

I know it is fashionable to knock Word (lord knows i did it professionally for about 20 years) but the proof reading in Word is very very useful now and much better to any of the dedicated novel writing packages I have seen.

This is a pain for me as I am borderline agraphic. When I see “towards” highlighted as misspelt I actually have to go away with Google and check it is correct! (I didn’t learn how to spell tomorrow until I was about 25 and met spell checkers for the first time LOL.)

Is this where we should post missing/misspelt dictionary words or is there somewhere else they are being collected? Or is it not worth garnering them???


I can now add “leant” as in past participle of “to lean” - am I missing something here??

I was the same with “toward” and “towards”, and I use “towards” heaps.

I’m also always debating whether my characters are “sniggering” or “snickering”. Scrivener didn’t take snigger so I felt compelled to snicker. But the images of a chocolate bar wouldn’t go away. So it was back to snigger followed by “Learn Spelling”. :slight_smile:

Glad I’m not the only one finding little odd things with the dictionary.

The word “Snuck” comes up as incorrect (funnily enough it does in this forum window as well). Past tense of the word “Sneak”.