Minor split screen issue

Im currently using El Capitan latest public beta and noticed that Scrivener cannot enter split screen if both the Binder and the Inspector panels are displayed. Once in split screen both can be displayed, but only one or none can be displayed at the time of making the split screen.

It isn’t a big deal because it is easily worked around, but thought I would mention it.

That’s very strange - there’s no reason there should be any problems here in El Capitan. Could you please look on the Console and see if there are any errors related to Scrivener when you try to enter split screen in this way?

Oh, hang on - are you talking about splitting the editor in Scrivener, or El Capitan’s new split screen feature? If the latter, then Scrivener’s window requires a certain amount of space depending on the elements that are open, so it won’t work well with El Capitan’s split screen feature in all configurations. I’ll be looking at enhancing it to work well with 10.11’s split screen feature, but that will be part of the next major Scrivener upgrade rather than part of the tweaking I do for El Capitan support, as it’s a bigger task.

Thanks and all the best,

Its the new El Capitan split screen feature, where you maximize two apps and merge them on one desktop.

On Scrivener I loved the Compose view but now I find myself using the split screen mode more. Might I suggest that the next version have an option to use a particular color scheme only when in full screen mode (much like you can with compose, including changing the displayed/none-printed text color)?

Anyways, I mainly wanted to bring that to your attention but it seems like you are already on top of that. Thanks.