Minor -- synopsis doesn't delete

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a wish. :slight_smile:

When I click on the synopsis in the Inspector pane, if there is no synopsis, the cursor is positioned at the end of β€œ- No Synopsis -”, and I have to delete the whole thing. It seems more intuitive if β€œ- No Synopsis -” could be already highlighted, and I could just type over it.

You can just triple-click to select the whole thing and then hit delete.

Or tap Cmd-A.

That’s a cool trick. I still vote that it should be pre-highlighted, but the priority (and irritation!) has just gone way, way down. Thanks!

It won’t get pre-highlighted because that is not the default behaviour of a text view. It also wouldn’t be consistent with the new corkboard behaviour, which does no prehighlighting (which was changed owing to other user requests).

Glas that helps you a little, though.

Thanks and all the best,