minor table problems

I am running Scrivener 3.1.1 on MacOS 10.14.1 and when I insert a table into a document, the default is 2 rows and 3 columns and if I change this to say 5 rows the new rows have a silver border instead of the original black and also the top/bottom alignment changes to centered.
I have searched the help and preferences but AFAIK there is no preference for this?
If I just create the new rows by tabbing through the existing ones they are bordered and formatted correctly (like the first row).
bug or user error? IDK?

You can fix this up by selecting all of the text in the table and going to Format > Table > Table…, then changing the border colour. Also you can create new rows by hitting tab in the last cell of the table.

Unfortunately this is just the way text system tables work. We currently use Apple’s standard text system tables (the same as you see in TextEdit), which use grey borders by default. I have made it so that when you insert a table, Scrivener intercepts Apple’s code and changes the borders to black, and I’ve added code to insert new rows using black borders on hitting tab at the end of a table, but unfortunately there is no way to detect when rows are added using Apple’s tables panel.

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Thanks Keith, I will give that a try.

I have been having issues inserting a table, and I found a workaround

Inserted tables cannot be modified.

As a workaround: you can save your draft and try again. Ones the file has been saved you can insert the table as before