Minor translation bug

Hi there !

I’m currently translating in french the interactive tutorial and I found a minor translation bug in the Section Types tab of the Project Settings. I joined a screenshot to show you.
I take the opportunity in this message to thank you again for the amazing Scrivener 3. It may be the only software I use every day that give me absolute freedom and intense satisfaction at the same time, it’s definitely my best writing companion. Ever. I mean, in the whole universe.

I’m back ! The whole Compile part seems to be half translated, and there are many mistakes (many words, sentences, options are still in english).
The “Placeholders” are in english too, and it’s complicated to understand them when you’re only frenchspeaking !

Btw, good job about the Compilation module, it rocks !
PS : I’m translating the interactive tutorial and I’m going well, I can help you with translation stuff if you need !

Hey, many thanks for volunteering to translate the tutorial by the way! I know for a fact there are many looking forward to something showing up along those lines. And thanks also for the kind words; I’m glad to hear Scrivener is such a help to your work.

As for the translation issues, they appear to be somewhat widespread to other languages as well. Hopefully this means a simple problem in the conversion rather than that many missing translated areas. I’ll check in on that.

The placeholders issue is a bit tricky—things could get messy if a placeholder in one language is a word that is used in another language for a different placeholder, for one thing. Another is that compiler would have to look for six times as many different placeholders as it currently does, so if/when we add more languages it will just slow everything down further. I think these will have to be treated like technical language is in general. You don’t have French CSS files for example—you have to learn the CSS in English, programming languages, etc.—it’s the same problem really. Word collisions, exponential parsing slowdowns. I’m afraid English is the new Latin, when it comes to technical markings. :wink:

Thanks for your answer ! Concerning the placeholders, I completely agree with you about the “technical language”, but don’t you think the explanations could be translated ?
I don’t know what to say about the FR version of Scriv3… I sometimes felt lost in this FR version, hopefully I understand english, but some french people don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Arkhaiel !

Où en es-tu de cette traduction ?

J’en ai terminée une il y a peu, que tu peux télécharger ici : drive.google.com/open?id=1I4p36 … _JjHtOFZeV

Doublon ?

(note que c’est + qu’une traduction, avec de nombreux ajouts pour clarification ou des parties mieux agencées)

Concernant la traduction de l’UI en français, où en est-ce ? Toujours impossible de faire quelque chose ? Dernière perle trouvée : “Expression régulière” traduit par « Expression courante ». Il faudrait vraiment faire quelque chose… Tu peux compter sur moi, en tout cas, où m’indiquer où je pourrais proposer mon aide.

Bien à toi,