Minor UI issue: Search field without icons in the toolbar


Unfortunately this is possible, because of the way toolbars work in Cocoa. I am aware that the search field is no longer available if you get rid of the toolbar or do as you have done and have it “Text only” (have you been playing with Ulysses 1.5? :slight_smile: ), but this is actually standard among similar apps - Mail, Mori, even internet browsers. The search field works exactly the same as an icon and there is no other way of putting it there. Sorry. In the future, I guess there just needs to be an alternative way of accessing Search for those who don’t like toolbars.


Actually, I thought about this and realised it would be really easy to implement - so I have done so. :slight_smile: In beta 3, you will find “Project Search…” in the Find menu. This will open up a search panel that just contains a search field which does exactly the same as (and is synchronised with) the search field in the toolbar. So, from beta 3, you won’t need the toolbar visible to use the search feature, and you can set it to text-only if you prefer it that way.
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Thank you So much. I honestly never use toolbars, and always disable them except for in those few apps that have integrated search as the only way to search.


Oh, and one other glitch with text only, the buttons that have drop-downs do not work.

There is unfortunately nothing I can do about this one, as it is just the way these things work in Cocoa. Although those buttons look like normal toolbar icons, they are not - they are really “views” contained within the toolbar, and so the text does nothing. This is much less of a problem, though, because all of these are available through the application menu - it was only the search field that wasn’t. If you wanted a text-only toolbar, you would just have to remove these items as they would be useless.

Incidentally, I have not given “Project Search” a keyboard equivalent yet. If anybody wants to suggest a sensible one for that and “Project Replace”, I would be grateful. :slight_smile:

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Oh, tricky. Footnotes and Full screen are already consuming the obvious choices. To make it a bit easier, I would suggest that global find and replace go without a shortcut, given that such a tool would not be as frequently used – its scope being so massive. I know I’m the comment fiend, but Find Annotation… would be a much better candidate for a shortcut, for my usage.

Hmmm. Find Annotation is a bit like a HUD, floating and persistent and all that. Unfortunately, Split Horizontal; Copy w/out Annotations; and No Split are taking all of the obvious ones!

But back to the “topic” at hand (drifted as it has)…

Project Find: Ctrl-Cmd-F?
Annot. Find: Ctrl-Cmd-A?

'Twill serve; 'tis done. Er, dunno why I’ve gone Shakespearean, but I have gone with the shortcuts you have suggested - thanks! :slight_smile:

Whereafter so swill on sooth and quaint of gin;
lest fall to swift rapture’s clap; thine finger traps!