Minor wish -- bold, ital, etc toggles in toolbar

This is a minor request, but would it be possible to have toggle buttons for bold, italics, and underline in the toolbar? I don’t really use the buttons as buttons, only as visual cues to indicate if I’m typing in italics or bold or not. Since I’m so used to having the visual cue in other word processors, it really helps me when I’m editing. Otherwise I’m always deleting things I wanted in italics but weren’t and vice-versa.

Yep, I’d like to see these buttons added too … :slight_smile:

Interesting trick with the visual cue, but I have never actually seen these toggle. I can really only think of one Cocoa application that has them, and I know they do not toggle in Copywrite.

I would also like this feature. I use it all the time in word at least to know if I have bold on or not.

Hmm… The thing is that the toolbars you are talking about in word processors are rather different. They are really utility panels rather than true toolbars, or sometimes inspector tools. I don’t know of any app other than CopyWrite that includes bold, italic and underline in a toolbar of the kind that Scrivener uses. And even CopyWrite’s icons don’t show any visual feedback of whether you are using bold, italic or underline. Not sure why you would want visual feedback, anyway, given that you can see whether you have one of these on by the look of the text you are typing. :slight_smile:

So, this one is a “no” for the time being.

Thanks and all the best,