'Minutes-count' meta-data

I use Scrivener mostly to write the lectures I present, so rather than writing to a word-count, I try and aim for a time-count, so to speak.

Is there currently a way for me to record how long I think it will take to present the ideas on a particular card, and then see that as part of the Binder or Outline, so I know what to cut?

If not, would you consider adding it?



Hmm… One way you could do it is to use the label or status for this. You could, for instance, rename “Status” or “Label” to “Time”, then change the list to something like “1 minute”, “2 minutes”, “5 minutes”, “10 minutes” etc, and assign the time according to your estimate of how long the section would take. You could then see this in the outliner. If you used status for this, you could also see the time as a stamp on the corkboard. That is probably the way I would do this.

I’d like to keep my Labels as they are (Story, Joke, Statement, Source etc), because then I can see how entertaining the lecture might be, based on the colour of the cards (if it’s all green, then it means I’m not telling enough stories…).

Should I make ‘Final Draft’ etc (which is currently Status) a keyword?