Mirror image when printing

Running el capitan (10.11 Beta (15A234d)) which is when the issue came to be (I think; I don’t print very often to paper).

Process to recreate bug:

Open any scrivener document that has text in it. Command-P to print. Preview image’s text is shown mirrored. See attached screenshot.

If I choose to continue and send the print job to the physical printer, the text & header print mirrored (same as shown on screenshot).

I have two printers and the failure is the same on both.

If I choose “open in preview” from the system print dialog, the body of the text is NOT mirrored. However the header remains mirrored.

This is an issue only in Scrivener, and it happens across all my Scrivener files. None of my other programs have this problem.

BY THE WAY: The settings under printer layout for flip horizontal and flip vertical are NOT checked on either of my printers. That said, toggling does not make the problem go away.

Actually, it’s not a Scrivener-specific issue; this is a known bug in the current betas of El Capitan (the print preview is also flipped in TextEdit; the headers are fine when printed in TextEdit but that’s because it doesn’t override the standard header/footer code). There are bugs across the current 10.11 betas whereby text appears upside-down in various context (e.g. Safari’s search bar on occasions). All drawing uses Apple standard methods, and the header and footer overrides in Scrivener are the standard way of providing custom headers and footers, so this is firmly an Apple bug. I have reported it to Apple, so we just have to wait for them to fix it in an upcoming beta.

The bug has been discussed here:


Thanks for taking the time to report bugs, though.

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Sorry. I searched the forum for “mirror” and didn’t get any hits. I guess I don’t print as much as I thought I did (from other apps)! Thanks for responding.

No need to apologise! I’d much have a bug report repeated 10 times than never see it at all! If you find any other problems with El Capitan, please let me know. We’re gathering a list so that I can fix them before release. It’s just that right now a lot of the issues are down to the beta state of El Capitan, so I have to wait for it to get closer to release so I can see what Apple fixes and what I need to find workarounds for. (They better fix the upside-down text thing, though, because there’s no workaround for some aspects of that. I can go back to an older method of creating the headers so they don’t print upside down, but there’s nothing I can do about the print preview… So right now I just have to wait and hope they address these issues.)

I’m on 10.11 GM. Text prints correctly but the heading still prints as a mirror image.

Yes, this is a known bug that will be fixed in 2.7 which will be out before OS X 10.11.

Great, thanks. Meanwhile I just copy and paste into Pages. Only takes a couple of minutes.

I’m trying to get a beta out in the next few hours that should fix this, by the way, so be sure to check the “Beta Testing (Mac)” forum a bit later on. I’m just finishing up a few things before uploading it.

EDIT: The beta is now available here:



New file format. New icons (very pretty). And the mirror printing has cracked the mirror and returned to normal.

Much appreciated.

Glad you’re liking it! :slight_smile:

Even looks more svelte on my old 10.7.5 machine.

Hunting for changes. Really like the new icons: much neater and more refined. Gold stars for the team that put them together.

My much-loved writing studio has had a real makeover.

The icons were created by our regular icon designer, Janik Baumgartner, so kudos to him.

Kudos. And love. :stuck_out_tongue: