Mirror Margins

One of the nice features of Word is that margins can be varied by even/odd pages. For example, when you choose the “mirror margins” option, the left and right margin labels turn into inner and outer margins. So you set an inner margin of 0.75" and an outer margin of 0.50" and that results in a wider margin along the spine and a narrow margin along the outer edge of the page.

You can work around this for now, by compiling to a Word document, and then tweaking the margins in Word. But I’d love to be able to eliminate Word completely, and the mirror margin feature would help get me there.

Yes indeed, we’ll have something like that in time, along with the ability to specify alternating header/footer setups for recto/verso layout as well, so you can keep the page numbers on the outside edge, for instance.

Bravo! Look forward to it.

Just to add that this is already part of the Mac version so, as Ioa says, will definitely be coming to Windows eventually.