Mis-located menus on dual monitor setup

Running Beta 026 under Wine and Beta 025 (Beta 026 not being available for some reason; see my other post elsewhere) natively under Linux, I have two monitors, one large, a 24" LED, and one small, attached to my laptop. I’m running Ubuntu 10.04 and Wine 1.3. The Scrivener window is on the large monitor. When I click on certain pop-up menus, the list appears over on the small monitor, usually in the lower right corner. I’ve attached a couple of screen shots by way of illustration.



And…here’s where it gets odd. When I move the Scrivener window over to the smaller monitor, and display the popup menu, it appears in the correct place. And wierder still, when I move it back to the secondary monitor (the large one) sometimes it starts working properly, sometimes not.

Can you spell “uninitialized variable?” Both the Windows versions running under Wine and the Linux version exhibit the same behavior, though the Windows version is more likely to work properly once its moved around.

Something for the cleanup run, no doubt.

Thanks for all your hard work! I’m all in for Scrivener at this point, just finished a story using it, and I’m organizing all of my work around it now.



Thanks for the report, Nathan!