Misc Quirks

So sorry if these are duplicates and/or not what you’re looking for and/or user error.

  • When I did a compile earlier today, after I chose a file name and location, it brought up another box prompting me to choose a file name and location. This time, however, it clearly showed the already-created file in the folder I was going to save to. I clicked “cancel” and went to the folder to find the document already created. (Note: although I chose “Novel Standard…”, it was not double-spaced.) When I went back to Scrivener, there was a dialog open for the progress on compiling, although it was clearly done. I hit abort and it gave me an error message. I can give more details re the specifications I was using if requested.

  • After changing the font and font size, my cursor at the bottom (only in the empty paragraph, not ones with text in it) became about twice the height of a normal cursor. The info at the top says I still have Times New Roman, 12 selected for that text area. When I type, the type size is correct and the cursor returns to the correct size.

  • After changing the font, etc. (as above), I changed the last word of a quotation at the end of the last paragraph. When I typed the closing quotation mark, it appeared in a different font than the opening quotation mark. When I highlight both of them, they are both listed as Times New Roman, size 12, although one is clearly a sans-serif font and one is not. (It appears that the quotation marks retained the look of the previous font (Calibri) although the rest of the text was changed to TNR. I tried closing the software and re-opening to see if it was a refresh issue, but the quotation marks appear the same after the re-open.

Is this helpful or do I appear a total newbie? :wink:

Forgot to mention: I’m running Windows 7

I also found several confusing things as I went through the Tutorial, but didn’t write them down at that point. If you need somebody to go through that for usability, I could do that.

When I click on the entire “draft” section to view all of my subsections together (with the multiple-page icon at the top), I can only page down to the end of a section before page-down stops working. Then I have to choose the down arrow on the keyboard to go to the next area. I may have hard page breaks in there from the import, but I’m not sure.

When I select “Compile,” the box pops up in the middle of the screen. When I click […] option, it expands down and to the right. The bottom of the box does not fit on the screen, so I have to manually drag it up into position every time.

(If these are already known, please tell me where to find the proper list of known bugs/issues!)

I went to the “Draft” multi-page option to change all of the sections to 1.5 spacing simultaneously. When I did this, it changed all of the sections except the very last one which I had created right before trying to change formatting. The last chapter retained the former formatting and I had to change it manually. Every other section was changed as I had selected.

Apparently, the cursor on a blank line is the size of the entire line’s height. So if the page is single-spaced, you get a cursor that is half the height of a cursor on a double-spaced page. Until you start typing, at which point it goes back to normal.

You can find the current known bug list by clicking help > Known bugs in…

Hope that helps.

Nix this. It only changed the first chapter to 1.5. Apparently when you “select all” (ctrl-A), it only selects the text up to the first page break/section break.