Miscellany: Spellchecker; footnote/annotations

  • In the Spellchecker: Smart Quotes seems to issue a closed quote/apostrophe after an opening paren despite that is not the end of a quote, remark, but (usually) is rather marking such things about to begin. (Likewise, em-dash …)
    Is this the intent?

  • From the Editor, is there a keystroke way to get to specific (or at least the first displayed) established footnotes/annotations in the Inspector?

Re ‘Smart’ quotes and parentheses, brackets:
I have implemented Substitutions that change (’ to (‘ and (” to (“.
(I will perhaps add Substitutions for brackets, squiggly and straight, depending on …)

Are the wrong-way quote smarts something that will be ‘corrected’ in the near future, in the next full version of Scrivener perhaps?
I understand that this would be way down the list, but it would be of use to be able to copy Substitutions. However, of much more often use to me would be the full keystroke navigation of Substitution’s dialogues that I mentioned elsewhere.