Missing a "sort" function


another one for today. I am missing a sort mode for the Scrivener projekt directorys. For example, after I added a dozen pictures to my new novel and gave them nice names, I would find it nice to sort the whole picture folder with one click on a contextmenu button. I think this would be a nice gimmik.

Thanks in advance, Weisz

Does “no reply” mean, nobody else is missing a sort function here?


It only means that at least I have been too lazy to log in, just to confirm that I too would like a sort function.

But I would like it in the editor, much more than in the binder.

I am confident : I feel that such things just do not make part of the Beta versions… until now.

Generally, “me too” or “+1” posts are discouraged, since they don’t really have any bearing on if a feature is implemented. Voting systems aren’t very useful in developing code except when the developer has a set of features they plan to implement, and they just want guidance on what to prioritize. If they did have a major influence, then Scrivener would have a full-fledged word processor, image editor, multimedia player, and coffee maker built in by now. And then I wouldn’t want it, because I don’t go to scrivener for coffee, despite the domain name my browser is pointed to.

The sorting feature… I think is part of the Mac version (someone verify for me?). If it is in the Mac version, it’ll make it into the Windows version eventually.

Yes, there are a few ways to sort in the Mac version; there’s the basic “Sort” command that works in binder and outliner and then you can also sort by the column headers in the outliner (in v.2) and copy that ordering back into the binder if you want. So I’m sure some form of this will be coming to Windows.

I dont know the Mac version, maybe I habe to be patient for the first Windows major version, before i continue to post cosmetically features. Greetings from germany, Weisz

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t suggest features. I was just reasonably sure that your request fell under the umbrella of features slated to be implemented, since they are in the Mac version.