missing active page count--

hey there–

i’m a working writer, and i love the way scrivener works. if someone told me that the app hadn’t been designed by a writer, i wouldn’t believe 'em.

the lack of a visible active scene/document page count has been bothering me for a while, though. and given that the project i’m working on now really requires me to remain aware of how many pages i have left before i’ve overshot my target pagecount–even on a scene-by-scene basis–i just broke down and bought movie magic screenwriter, so i could track my progress (or regress) more effectively.

wish i didn’t have to contemplate drafting in MMS. but without a heads-up pagecount in scrivener, i’m afraid that’s where i’m heading.

best wishes,


How does something like this strike you:

Coming soon to a theatre near you. :slight_smile:

Now do note, since Scrivener remains a drafting tool, this will be a sectional/scene count. It would not be feasible to use this feature to cross reference between a print-out and page 187, for example—but for working in scenes and needing to know the accurate page count within that scene, this feature was designed precisely for writers like you.