Missing ‘arrange by label’ in corkboard

I’ve watched the corkboard tutorials and am keen to try the ‘arrange by label’, but it doesn’t appear on my corkboard page. I’ve clicked on ‘show label pins’ under ‘corkboard options’, added label pins and looked under ‘corkboard options’ in ‘preferences’, but no luck.
Can anyone tell me how to get this option on to my corkboard?


You don’t mention which version of Scrivener you have: Arrange by Label is only in Version 3, not Version 2.

In version 3, you can find it at View > Corkboard Options > Arrange by Label.


Thanks! I only brought it 6 months ago and it said it was the latest version - 2.8.1
Is this incorrect?
Appreciate your help!

Scrivener 3 was released in November. It’s a paid upgrade, so the automatic upgrader won’t install it for you.

More information here:
literatureandlatte.com/intr … crivener-3


When I go to the website, it shows the verison that came when I did the trial, and no other version available, but I still have no button at the bottom to switch corkboard view… any ideas?

Version: - 03 Oct 2018

Mac version 3 was ready before Windows version 3, which is still in the open beta testing. Version 1 is the current Windows release (they’ll be jumping release number from 1 to 3 when the beta is done).