Missing arrowheads


I’ve been trying Scapple on both Windows (work) and Mac (home). I’ve been facing a funny problem when I create a project in Windows and use it later in my Mac. (Works perfectly in Windows…!)

When I create Scapple sheets (*.scap) in Windows and open them in my Mac, some arrowheads go missing. This doesn’t happen on all arrowheads but just on certain ones (those that were aligned vertically and/or horizontally).

The arrowheads reappear, when I slightly move the boxes out of alignment! And then, when I try to re-aligned boxes of Scapple, the arrowheads that were present disappear!!

Is this a bug? Could you please tell me how I could overcome this? It annoys me when I have to use a Windows computer just to align my boxes…

Thanks in advance for all useful comments :slight_smile:

I only use Scapple on a Mac, and I see this issue also. Being perfectly vertical or horizontal makes the arrow heads hide.

Could someone post a screenshot of this? For some reason I’m not seeing that problem myself. If I put three linked notes on a horizontal plane or vertical column, the arrowheads between them still show up.

Well, no. You know better than to ask for a screenshot. Murphy’s Law says when you try to show an error to the boss, it works perfectly.

Basically, when it occurs, it’s just a black line with no arrowhead showing. I just tried to reproduce on an existing doc, and a new doc. Of course, I can’t get it do it right now. And it’s only when the line is perfectly vertical of horizontal. Then, go at a slight angle and the arrowhead would show again.

That being said, it wasn’t all the time, but when it happens, it’s annoying to a neat freak like me.

Also, it happened my MacBook Pro, which I no longer have. I just bought an iMac last week.

Might it be related to whether or not the screen is Retina, considering a computer swap “fixed” it? I’m currently on a standard screen, as the iMac would be.

No. I had a 2011 17" MBP, so no retina display. However, I was connected to a 27" Cinema Display.

This is just one of those rare things which I wasn’t too worried about, just annoyed when it did show up. If it shows again, I take a screenshot and post to this thread.

A sample .scap file if you can would be great, too. It would be interesting to see if the problem can migrate from one computer to another based on something in the file, or if it is a display issue that requires something contextual. Let us know if you see it!

Sorry for being late to the party… I was trying to contact the Scapple customer support on this issue. Seems like this has been once already mentioned by another user. They seem to be working on the problem.

For your reference, I’m uploading a sample file. The arrowhead from box2 to box1 is missing (which should be there). Just try moving the box1 to a different location and voila! The arrowhead re-appears.

Do we normally get any email notifications when people reply to the post that you created? I didn’t!

test.scap (4.57 KB)

Yup, I got your file yesterday and forwarded it to Keith. The problem was definitely visible for us as well. Thanks for sending that in!

Oh good. I’m glad Kane was able to duplicate this.

Hi Amber, any news from Keith?

Yes, he was able to see it as well, it is on the list of things to be fixed.