Missing Content

I’ve been using this software since December thanks to NaNoWriMo. I’ve had very few issues until Beta 1.5. Now I have 2 I’m looking to figure out, but the most important one is text gone missing.

Computer Details: Windows XP Pro / Scrivner Beta 1.5

Issue: I had a text file in Chapter 1, I didn’t want it there so I dragged the file to Chapter 2. Instead of placing the file in chapter 2 it placed it as a sub-text file to a text file in chapter 2. No biggie, I grabbed the file again and dragged it to Chapter 2 folder and it added the file. However, although it moved the file, there is no text now in that file.

Any idea where my text vanished too and how I can get it back? I did try looking for a key word using FIND, but it doesn’t seem that the find is working. I couldn’t even find a word in the file I had opened much less search the whole project.

It wasn’t a lot of words that I lost, but this is the second time I noticed that dragging and dropping are is also deleting the content. The first time I thought maybe I hadn’t copied the content into the new file, but after this, I’m quite sure the drag and dropping of a file has something to do with the disappearing content.


Have you tried searching on your computer via Window’s search feature for some key text in the missing document? It may be something weird where the file itself exists in the .scriv folder but isn’t indexing properly or is otherwise coming up blank in the project, although the core .rtf is fine. There’ve been other cases of missing text where this has found the actual file, so I’d give it a try.

MimeticMouton – thank you. I did do a search and found the missing content in an RTF in the temp folder. Not where I expected it, but at least I’m not trying to remember what I said. :smiley: