Missing default templates?

I just started using Scrivener and have found the number of default templates to be thin. I read in the installation readme the following line: [i]


This appears to be referring to the Mac version of Scrivener. Where can I find these Extras to install under Windows? I need the extra templates in particular. I’ve searched the forums and found no answer. Please help. Thanks.

The Windows version ( comes with 15 templates.

The ‘New Project’ menu offers a blank template; two novel templates and a short story template (under fiction); non-fiction, research proposal and essay (under non-fiction); two stage play templates (UK & US); radio, ‘taped drama’ [whatever that is], comic script and screenplay (under scriptwriting) and ‘persuasive lecture’ and ‘recipe collection’ (under miscellaneous).

The Windows version apparently lacks the “poetry and lyrics” collection included with the Mac version due to not being able to access line numbering.

Searching the forums for “templates” will bring back some relevant results.

You may, however, find the following useful:

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