Missing document in Windows 1.9 Tutorial

In Step 9: Corkboard, second paragraph under Basic Usage

I’ve redownloaded Scrivener 1.9 twice now, looking for the document "Other Stuff You Might Want to Know, and can’t seem to find it. A friend has emailed it to me, but I’m concerned if this is missing, other things might be as well. Please advise.

It could be you are using an older version of the tutorial that was on your system before (I think the “Other Stuff” file might have been left out of the 1.8 tutorial). When you access the tutorial the program first checks for one you’ve made in the past, and if it finds one it will open it instead of making a new one. So I would use that principle to “reset” the tutorial: locate where you saved it on your computer and remove the whole tutorial project folder to the recycle bin. Now try creating a new tutorial from 1.9 and see if the new sections appear.