Missing entire random text entries after moving entire .scriv file to a new computer

I recently got a new laptop and installed my paid verison of scrivener, then transferred over my entire project folder including the scrivener project file and the sub-folders (files, settings, snapshots).

My project is basically in journal form going back a few years with folders for each year (2018, 2019…) and then subfolders for each month (September 2018, October 2018…) and then text entries within in each month’s folder.

There are random text entries that still appear but that are simply missing text. Three most recent entries from this month, and then random entries from 2019 and 2018 are completely blank, though the placeholder is there, which is why I can tell that they’re missing (since there are a lot of entries).

I went back to my old laptop and those entries still exist there, so it isn’t as though they were deleted previously and I didn’t notice. They simply dropped out when the files were transferred and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for which ones transferred and which ones did not.

Can anyone (another user or Scrivener) offer help or advice? I think this may be a bug. I hope it is something easily fixable, but it makes me feel very insecure about using Scrivener for work that is important to me.

How did you transfer the project? A cloud service, usb stick, some other way? If you used a cloud service you might get exactly this result, if the old pc hasn’t managed to upload everything or the new one hasn’t managed to download everything.

I used an external hard drive and dragged and dropped all my files.

On the laptop, use the File → Backup command to make a ZIP file containing the project. Transfer the ZIP file to the new computer, then uncompress it and open the project from there. Does that resolve the problem?