Missing extended selection of whole words


I’ve been using Scrivener on my MacBook for three years now. It’s a great application. I’ve just purchased a license for the Windows version to use at my office, where we are anchored to PCs. Mostly I’m pretty impressed with the Windows version. However, there is one function that is notably absent – namely, extended selection of selected words. Standard word processor behavior allows you to double-click on a single word to select it in whole, then, keeping the mouse button depressed upon the second click, to sweep forward or backward in the text to scoop up additional whole words. This does not work in the Windows version. Yes, you can select a single word through double clicking, but you can’t extend the selection. I know this sounds like a small issue, but a program that is supposed to be the ultimate writing environment needs to include all standard word processing editing features.

This is an odd omission, because the editor does support extended selection of whole paragraphs after triple-clicking selects one in whole.

Thank you.


You know, I just noticed that the other day as well, and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t that way before. It might be that is a temporary side-effect of the some of the last minute optimisations that were made. For now you just have to rely on Shift-clicking more.

I second this issue. I use the double-click method of text selection all the time, and it’s gotten to the point that I’m doing secondary editing in another environment because it’s hard to use Scrivener. If it’s just a bug, fixing it would be fantastic! I do seem to recall that I could do this before (I certainly didn’t notice it until the later releases).