Missing features? Project targets word count / toolbar icons

Hi there. These are two very minor things, but I’d really appreciate them. I know this probably belongs more in the Feedback forum, but they seem to be missing features that were in the Mac version 1.0, so I thought I’d put it here.

First of all, in the Project Targets window, it doesn’t actually tell you how many words you have written in comparison to the target count, only a percentage. While we can find out the project word count, it would be nice if we could see it in that window as well. And for the session target, it would be extremely useful if we could see how many words we wrote that session, especially when we don’t meet / surpass the target.

Another thing that was in the Mac version (I think) but isn’t here is the ability to have small icons in the toolbar. The current icons look a bit too big and take up too much space on my small screen. Also, it would be nice if you could go to edit toolbars by right-clicking on the toolbar and the menu there, rather than having to use the main menus.