missing file contents after Leopard upgrade

Don’t know if others have run into this problem after doing a Leopard upgrade, but all of my files in my current project seem to be empty now, in that when I click on them to open them into the Scrivener Editor pane, there is no text. But in the binder column, all the file and folder names are there, and the few synopses I’d done show up, as does the text in my “Project Notes.”
When I go into Finder and then “My Documents” and click on “show package contents” for my .Scriv package, it lists about 150 rftd files (they have numbers for titles), and 4 html and 19 synopsis.txt files. I’m afraid to click open any of these from the Finder view for fear of corrupting/mangling them.

Back to within the Scrivener application: I am hoping my file contents is not really gone–my cautious optimism stems from the fact that when I’m in Scrivener, the file icons are not blank rectangles, the way a new file is. They are scribbly text icons. In addition, when I search on one of my keywords, it pulls up the right files in the search column, but then when I click open one of those files into the scrivener editor pane, it is blank.
Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks and best, Becky in Washington DC

Sorry, forgot to mention that I upgraded to Leopard via “erase and install.” I then did data recovery using my Backjack backup utility. It worked like a charm for everything else, but somehow I’m having trouble getting my Scrivener project up and running again, though my reinstall to Scrivener version 1.11 worked fine.
Thanks guys!

Thanks for sending the file. For others reading: this is a problem caused by BackJack changing the format of the underlying RTFD files so that they are no longer valid RTFD files - it has nothing to do with Scrivener. I don’t know anything about BackJack, so it may just be an option that needs selecting in that program to restore the project properly…

EDIT: The guys from BackJack already replied to the op and copied me in - the problem was only with an earlier version of BackJack. Very nice and responsive developers, it seems.


Just wanted to report that my problem was easily fixed by upgrading to the newest version of Backjack. I’m so delighted because Scrivener and Backjack are my favorite applications (thanks to their incredibly fast tech support response times) so I’m happy to see them working well together! And Keith, can’t thank you enough for replying here on the board and to me by email.
Becky in DC