Missing Folder/Files in Compile Draft


I’ve just finished parallel editing a 48 chapter children’s novel. To do this, I created in the Binder one folder containing 48 SBFR Original files, and another containing 48 SBFR Edited files, so that I could work each chapter side by side in the split Editor screen.

I now need to export to Word, but when I go to Compile Draft ‘Choose Folder’, it will only show me the Original files and not the Edited files. No matter what I do in the Dialogue box or Binder, nothing seems to bring up the Edited files in the ‘Choose Folder’ option. Am I missing something? I couldn’t find anything in the Reference guide.

Worst case scenario, I can simply export all 48 individual Edited files and compile them in Word, but this will be slow. Any suggestions?


In the “Compile Draft” dialog, the folder name “Draft” is hardwired. In other words, you can "“Compile Draft” only from a highest level folder named “Draft”. That must be where your old folders, but not your edited folders, are. Put the old folders someplace else and move the edited folders into “Draft”. I agree that this is awkward, as Draft always contains the original version. When I revise a draft, I start a new Scrivener project and put the revision there. I keep both projects open, so that I can copy from old to new, and compare.


Thanks Steve,

Yes, I’ve been comparing this project with other earlier projects which compiled perfectly, and discovered that I’d renamed the Draft Folder (Which I’ll never do again!!) as an Original folder which wasn’t holding my Edited stuff and that’s how everything got lost/excluded.

All is now well!

Thanks again,



I was wrong about the importance of the name “Draft”. As you discovered, what is hard-wired is the folder itself, not its name. Good luck with your novel!