Missing fonts in document and project notes

Have there been changes to the fonts offered in Scrivener? (I’m running Version: - 14 Nov 2019)

I hadn’t logged in for a couple of months. Normally when I would log in, it would ask if I wanted to download a patch (which I’ve always declined). This time when I logged in, there was no pop-up and everything looked different.

The fonts on document notes and project notes are in a different font, and the viewing size was much bigger.

I could have sworn the font used to be something called Arabic Typesetting - font size 16 (I wrote this down years ago) and now it has changed to Courier New - size 16.

For reference this is what Arabic Typesetting looks like: fontsgeek.com/arabic-typesetting-font

Is there any way I can import custom fonts (back) into Scrivener? Thanks in advance for brainstorming with me!

There haven’t been any patches since 1.9.16, so I don’t think you declined any.

Go to Options->Appearance->Inspector and Notes to change the font to whatever you want.