Missing Format Toolbar

My Format Toolbar is missing from the top of the document editor. I was not making any Options changes, just editing a text file.
I checked Tools, Customize Toolbars, and I see it in the box. I checked Restore Defaults and that didn’t help. I turned the toolbars on and off via View, Toolbars - no change.
I exited and reopened Scrivener, even rebooted my PC and nothing helped.

You probably just accidentally toggled this off with the Alt+Right keyboard shortcut. You can restore it the same way or via Format > Show Format Bar.

Ah HA! Thank you so much. I’m a Scrivener newbie (just started using it last night), and I was going NUTS trying to find it.

This has happened to me A LOT, as I tried to use Alt+Right or Alt+Left to go forward or backward among documents, with reflexes trained by browsers and some other software. I finally learned to use the little arrows below the format bar for this purpose, but I really do think it’s a bit of an interface design flaw. To me, Alt+Right and Alt+Left are not intuitive for displaying and hiding toolbars, and, as I say, they’ve become reflexive for other purposes. (Perhaps these intuitions are different for Mac users.) Somewhere far, far down the list of possible changes, I would love it if this could be altered.

The shortcuts have actually already been removed from toggling the toolbars for the next release, but you can remove them yourself in 1.6.1 in the Keyboard pane of Tools > Options and can reassign them to other commands if you wish.

Of course I can! I’m still realizing the power of that interface customization tool. So I’ve taken Alt+Right and Alt+Left off of Toggle Format Bar and Toggle Main Toolbar (and left those without shortcuts, since I rarely or never want to turn them off). There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a shortcut for Show last document viewed and Show next document viewed, so I can’t assign the Alt+Arrow keys to them. (Yet?) But this will at least keep me from giving myself problems by hitting them out of habit. Thanks!

It could be these were only added in the beta version, but I thought the commands were there in 1.6.1. Try filtering for “history”. (The menu names are “Forward in Document History” and “Backward in Document History”.)

Sorry for the delay; I’ve had limited Internet access the last few days due to a storm (and to Comcast, but that’s for another forum!)

And yes … there they are, in the View section of the Keyboard Shortcuts:
Current Editor Forward Forward in Document History Ctrl+]
Current Editor Back Backward in Document History Ctrl+[

That’s just what I was looking for. Thanks!

And, BTW, these shortcuts, like the arrows to which they correspond in the editor interface, move the document focus, but do not move the highlighted item in the Binder, which I often find confusing. I remember reading somewhere that that is on the agenda, maybe already changed in the beta.

Ah good, glad you have that working.

There aren’t any plans to change the way the forward/backward buttons work; they intentionally do not change the binder selection. There are some forum discussions about this if you search, or this KB article which explains that.

Thanks, MM. I could have sworn that I saw somewhere that such a change was coming, but a quick search does not locate it. Wishful thinking, I guess. The Knowledge Base article is very helpful; I understand the reasoning. I’m not sure it blends completely with my way of working, but I appreciate the reminder there about the manual way of syncing current document with Binder display using Ctrl-Shift-8, the View menu, or the document icon on the header bar menu. That will work well for me.