Missing/Hidden text files

This morning I noticed that a bunch of my text files not showing up in their usual spot on my binder. (They are missing from a variety of folders, where some but not all text files from these folders are missing.)

Strangely, when I used backup files and Time Machine to check for these text files in older versions of the project-- which I know contained those text files, because I worked on them at the time – they don’t show up there either. So it’s as if they are being hidden from sight, since they’re not showing up in older versions that I know contained them.

I am using Scrivener 2.5 (25239) on a MacBook Air, 13-inch, Mid-2012, OS X 10.9.4. Apologies if this has been asked and answered – I couldn’t find a reference to it.

Are you using Dropbox or a similar synchronization service?


Katherine, thanks for the reply. An interesting discovery: I just discovered a Scrivener file that is backed up by Dropbox, which has my missing stuff, so I’m not facing a catastrophic loss.

But the ones that are not in Dropbox were missing the key text files, which leaves an interesting question–is there a reason that the non-Dropbox scriv files would have suffered this problem?

The most likely cause is that a synchronization error resulted in the local version having an out of date .scrivx file. The .scrivx file is the part of your Scrivener project that keeps track of all of the component files. If a file isn’t listed, Scrivener can’t find it and it “disappears” from the Binder.

There’s a detailed procedure for resolving synchronization errors here:

I’m glad to hear you found your work,