Missing <html> and <body> tags in .html

I ran into a problem compiling MMD to HTML after upgrading to Scrivener 2.3. Some of the tags went missing in the output file.

I upgraded my Mac Pro’s copy of Scrivener to 2.3 and verified that the compile worked as expected. The compile generated what I was looking for (…… with no metadata and with <h#> tags for every folder).

When I upgraded my laptop, it stopped generating that. The compile MMD to Webpage was missing the DOCTYPE, html and body tags. The output started with a

tag followed by the metadata. It did have the



I compared all of the compile options and found that all the options were reset on the laptop. I don’t recall that happening on the Mac Pro, so that’s just weird. Only real difference between the two is that the Mac Pro is running Mountain Lion and the laptop is still running Lion.

To get the missing tags back, I had to add text to the Meta-Data options in the Compile dialog. I used <$projecttitle>. As soon as I did that, the output returned to what I’d expected.

Just posting this in case someone else runs into the same issue.

Thanks for posting the solution. This is indeed an update issue. I’m not certain what causes it, but I have noted that some people have had their meta-data blanked out when updating to 2.3. It seems to be if the meta-data settings were never touched to begin with, this could happen, and the result is that MMD drops to snippet mode rather than full document mode. I haven’t heard of a single person losing meta-data that they intentionally set up at some point in the past.