missing icon image when viewed on Kindle for iPad or iPhone

I created a Kindle ebook file in Scrivener a year ago. I modified it yesterday (the modification consisted of one correction in the text, that’s all), and then I compiled it for Kindle, using exactly the same settings I used last year. The ebook came out fine. However, the icon for the book, as shown in the Kindle Library list, ( iPad and iPhone applications) no longer showed the book’s front cover in miniature, as it did in the book’s previous version. Instead, it shows what looks like a disk image. How can I fix this?

I don’t believe this is something that can be fixed from the Scrivener side of things, that is just how KindleGen seems to be creating Mobi files these days, or how Amazon has changed their reader to deal with them. It is a rather common problem given those variables, so you’ll find tips with dealing with it on the Web.

One thing worth noting is that all of this has no impact on your readers. It is just a problem when manually putting Mobi files on Kindles or into their software, as opposed to downloading it as a purchase from their store.

Thanks very much, AmberV.