Missing # in Compile

Hi! I am compiling my novel for the first time (Manuscript Format Times–PDF) and am encountering a problem where some blank lines within the text are marked with a # and others are not, all within the same file designated as Scene. I can’t figure out the difference. I took screenshots in the Editor of one blank line that formats correctly and one that doesn’t. They look exactly the same to me. I must be missing something.

The most likely cause is that the empty lines not being replaced have a style assigned to them. I notice the baseline doesn’t look quite the same for each of them in the screenshots, which might be caused by one having a paragraph style with slightly different settings. Try clicking into one of the lines that isn’t being replaced with the # separator and check the style menu in the format bar, or see if there are any styles selected in Format > Style.

If it does have a style, you can fix it either by removing the styles from those blank lines, or by editing the compile format: double-click it and choose “Duplicate & Edit”, then select Separators and go through the list of Section Layouts to deselect “Ignore blank lines using styles” for each. (The layouts currently assigned in your project will be in bold, so just editing those–or just the ones you know are being used for the documents with the empty lines–is all you really need.) You can edit the compile format name at the top and choose to save it to Project Formats if you only need it for this project or to My Formats if you want it available for other Scrivener projects, then click Save at the bottom right and try the compile again. Hopefully that will do it for you!

Thanks. Did as you said but No Style was checked for that blank line. Tried changing compile settings anyway as described --no go. Tried a few other things. Finally just copied and pasted the lines that were working onto the lines that weren’t and–problem fixed. Must be something there. A bit of a pain but at least I have a fix.

Love Scrivener, so great to work with.