Missing 'Include in Compile' option

I have a project originally created from the E-book template in Scrivener for Mac.

There is a section (folder) named E-Book which contains several text files and one image file. None of these items have the ‘Include in Compile’ option available and are not included in a Compile.

Am I missing something simple or ??

I believe you’ll need to move them into the Draft folder.

Thanks for the response…

There is no ‘Draft’ folder. A folder named ‘Manuscript’ was created which I believe is the same thing. If I move the folder ‘E-Book’ into the manuscript area then the Include… Option does appear. However, the only place it will go is to the end of the list. As the ‘E-Book’ folder is supposed to be first in the compile order this won’t do.

I can move the individual text documents out of the E-Book folder and place them at the top but the one image file still insists upon staying at the end when moved into the Manuscript section. Since image files aren’t really useful in the Draft folder I moved it from the E-Book folder to the Research folder and things are working. I can now move E-Book to the top. I guess it is a difference between the desktop and iOS version. Perhaps the iOS version could include a warning if an image file gets into the fray when moving a desktop created project into iOS.