Missing Manual?[NOTED]

I searched through the boards and was unable to locate this, so apologies if it was already reported and I missed it, but it tripped me up. I downloaded the Windows version this evening, and in the “Welcome to the Tutorial” section of the tutorial it says:

“For further help and a more comprehensive description of all of Scrivener’s features, please refer to the manual, which is available from the Help menu.”

When I check the Help menu, however, there is nothing for the manual. Just:

:arrow_right: Open Tutorial
:arrow_right: Brief Video Tutorial
:arrow_right: Report Bug

I’m running Windows 7

Thanks, and a major thank you for making a Windows version of Scrivener, I have been waiting and hoping for this since I saw it released for the Mac a few years back.

Hey Freelancer. Well, there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t implemented yet. The program is the first Beta, and it’s been released to that the users can have at it to find bugs and stuff. Documentation, beyond the videos that have been made, will most likely be created for the commercial release - which is due early next year.

There is a pdf manual for the Mac called “ScrivenerHelp.pdf”
It’s downloadable from the L. and L. website.

The functions of Windows and Mac Scrivener are essentially the same, so the manual should help. There are also the videos on the website.

The Mac side of the forum has good information. I have learned a lot from looking at the Mac stuff.

The Windows version is a beta so all the bits and pieces aren’t all in place yet.

Scrivener is working well for me, even with the text editor glitches. If it is pretty good now; it’s going to that much better in the new year.